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※ We are sorry but Azumaya Hotel Phnom Penh is temporarily closed until April 30th.

Room Rate Change from September

It is much appreciated for your kind support to AzumayaHotel.
Wewould like to inform that our room rate will be changed from September.

・Deluxe Inside Window:Cash 40$ / Card 42$→Cash 45$ / Card 47$

・Deluxe :Cash 45$ / Card 47$→Cash 50$ / Card 52$

・Deluxe Twin:Cash 45$ / Card 47$→Cash 50$ / Card 52$

・Deluxe Front :Cash 50$ / Card 52$→Cash 55$ / Card 57$

・Executive:Cash 55$ / Card 57$→Cash 60$ / Card 62$

* This rate will be applied for the new reservation booked from September.
* For whom already have corporate contract,
this rate will be applied from the next update of contract.

Introducing New Room Type
In due to the change of room rate, we are opening our new room type.
【Economy:Cash 35$ / Card 37$】
* Detached private bathroom on the same floor
(Available from September 15th2017)

We appreciate your full understanding and cooperation.
We will continue provide our service to the valuable customer
with the quality you have come to expect.
If there is any concerns, please do not hesitate to ask us.

AzumayaHotel Management Board